About us

Theme Park World is a theme park and roller coaster blog that blogs about anything that happens in the magical world of theme parks. We want to offer in depth articles, with a critical view into it without being too harsh or too negative. Next to articles we also have photo galleries from various theme parks from all over the world, in order to offer a great view of the existing theme parks in the world today.

We are independent and all time spent in this site is completely voluntary. Revenues from advertising is only used to cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the website.

The team behind Theme Park World


  • 27 years old
  • Based in Belgium
  • Home park: Plopsaland De Panne
  • Favorite park: Cedar Point
  • Favorite roller coaster: Outlaw Run – Silver Dollar City
  • Visited over 100 theme parks in Europe, North-America & the Middle-East
  • Ridden over 400 roller coasters
  • Has a favor for wooden roller coasters



The love for theme parks is in my genes! As a little kid, the yearly visit to a theme park was the highlight of the year. The old Meli Park was were I went most to as a kid. As a young teenager I got rid of my fear for inversions after a double ride on Bellewaerde’s Boomerang roller coaster, since then I’m always on the look out for new fast and big roller coasters.

One of the first parks I got to know when discovering the theme park community online, was Cedar Point. Seeing the construction of Top Thrill Dragster and all the other huge coasters on that beautiful peninsula made me wish I want to visit that park one day. So it was a child’s dream come true when I went to the United States for the first time in 2013 and visited Cedar Point, next to other awesome theme parks like Kings Island and Silver Dollar City.

My home park is Plopsaland De Panne, which is located at the Belgian coast. I even worked there, first as a student and later on as a seasonal employee! It’s the only park I buy a pass from every year because visiting that park still feels like coming home. I’ve ridden a lot of roller coasters but wooden roller coasters are the ones I really have a favor for. So no surprise when I say that a wooden roller coaster is my number one roller coaster, Outlaw Run that is!


The more hands, the more work gets done! If you want to contribute on a regularly  basis and join the team, please contact me at frederik@themepark-world.com. We can use all help in form of writing articles, taking photos, correcting articles etc.