Energylandia, the pearl of Poland

Poland is not the first country that comes to mind when planning a theme park trip. It is a big country, the ninth biggest of Europe, but only had 20 roller coasters to offer until 2014. Knowing that a little country as Belgium has more roller coasters, it’s clear that theme parks weren’t really a thing in Poland. But now in 2017, the country will have 31 roller coasters operating! A rise of 50% in roller coasters compared to three years ago, and there is only one park responsible for that… Energylandia!

When thinking of European roller coaster capitals, we think of Port Aventura, Europa Park, Wiener Prater, Even Walibi Holland once claimed a wish to become a roller coaster capital. But a Polish park? Anyone who would have claimed that five years ago would have been laughed away. With 11 coasters, some of them are yet to be opened this year, they bypassed Alton Towers that has 10 coasters. And Energylandia already announced the opening of an Intamin mega coaster in 2018. That sets their amount of roller coasters on 12. Europa Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Wiener Prater are the European coaster capitals, all three have 13 roller coasters in their park. Energylandia is very close to that and if they keep this rate of investing it’s a safe bet that they will become the roller coaster capital of Europe. Alone.

No wonder Energylandia attracted the attention of theme park fans worldwide. The more news we got from the park, the higher the park became on our to-do list. End of April we could scrap Energylandia from that list and discover this interesting park ourselves. At the moment of our visit, the new Vekoma junior boomerang roller coaster was still under construction, as well as two other coasters like the Intamin water coaster (which will be the highest and fastest water coaster in the world together with Mirabilandia’s Divertical). As with any other park containing a big amount of roller coasters, most of them are small and not so special. You can’t expect a park only to have B&M hypers or Intamin launchers. The same goes for Energylandia.

For the moment, the three Vekomas are the highlights of the park. With Dragon Roller Coaster and Roller Coaster Mayan they have two suspended coasters from the Dutch manufacturer and Rollercoaster Formula 1 is a so called ‘space warp launch coaster’. A lot of words to describe a launch coaster in Vekoma’s new style, where the backbone is connected to the inner side of the track rails instead of the outside.

Roller Coaster Mayan is a classic suspended looping coaster, better known as just SLC. Vekoma built 42 of these models so the chance you already rode one is pretty high if you are a coaster fanatic. SLC’s don’t have a great reputation, most of them are shaky and even painful sometimes. We can guarantee you that Energylandia’s SLC is not painful. Vekoma used the new restraints with the belts, so being smacked by the shoulder restraints is not possible. However, Roller Coaster Mayan is pretty shaky, one of the shakiest SLC’s I’ve ridden so far. Not the worst, but enough to say that one ride will suffice.

A much more enjoyable ride can be expected on the Dragon Roller Coaster. That is a family suspended coaster with the same lay-out as Farup Sommerland’s Orkanen. While it doesn’t look big or impressive, the ride experience itself is very good. For a family coaster it delivers a punchy ride, all of this smoothly and with the rider in complete freedom thanks to the great lap bars. The re-ride factor is high. The theming of the roller coaster is a bit bare but since the area around the roller coaster is still in development we can’t really judge this correctly.

The main coaster, until the new Intamin mega coaster will open, is the Rollercoaster Formula 1. It’s a launch coaster with Vekoma’s new style, which would allow smoother rides with more possibilities. The launch is short and powerful, you are launched from zero to 80 km per hour (49 mph) in just two seconds. It is a modest top coaster, not being a world class roller coaster that makes you want to hop on a plane to the park but a class below that. We’ll spend an article about this coaster later on.

The other roller coasters are small. Energus Roller Coaster is a classic Vekoma junior coaster with a lay-out that can be found in many other parks. And with Boomerang they have opened a fifth Vekoma roller coaster, it was closed during our visit but seemed like a decent junior boomerang roller coaster. With Owocowy Ogrod they also have a wacky worm, this type of coaster needs no introduction.

The remaining roller coasters are all from SBF Visa Group, an Italian manufacturer which produces mostly small roller coasters aimed the smallest children. Circus Coaster is a powered coaster with an oval lay-out. We didn’t got to ride it because it rained the whole day during our visit. Lucky for us, this was the only coaster closed due to the rain. Mars is a bit more interesting, but still nothing more than a plus one on the coaster counter. The most interesting SBF Visa coaster in Energylandia is definitely the Viking Roller Coaster. While it is just another spinning wild mouse, this version is pretty vague… it has shoulder restraints! That makes the space in the car very narrow and caused me to do my very first walk of shame on a roller coaster.

They still have a SBF Visa coaster under construction that is set to open this year. That is a 3vloop model spinning coaster, the same type of which Freizeitpark Plohn opened one this year. A bit more interesting is the Intamin water coaster we talked about, it should open this year but no opening date is set yet. And for 2018 we have the new mega coaster to look out for. The way this roller coaster was chosen to be built was very special. Energylandia presented two concepts of mega coasters on their facebook page. One was from Vekoma and the other one from Intamin.

Both had different lay-outs and we got to see videos from the two designed coasters. The fans could vote which coaster they wanted to see in the park. Intamin won, however Vekoma’s version also looked very interesting and we hope to see that one being built in a park nearby very soon. With the choice for this mega coaster from a renowned manufacturer, Energylandia proves that it does not only chose for quantity but also for quality. We are sure their new mega coaster could be one of Europe’s best roller coasters.

Besides from the roller coasters, Energylandia contains a bunch of mostly smaller rides. They have a wave swinger, car ride, log flume, rapid river, booster, frisbee and topspin. And many other small children’s rides. There are yet a spill water and a boat ride on the way, they should also open somewhere this year. All of the park is themed well, in a bit special way I’ve not seen before. It looks kind of plasticized but it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere the park has created. Energylandia is not the best themed park out there, but they sure do invest in atmosphere in their own style. And for that I can only have respect for.

When hungry you can go to one of their restaurants. Energylandia offers a whole bunch of restaurants, each with their own specialty. They have fresh fish, Italian food, kebab, more classic food like meatballs in tomato sauce or the classic theme park food: burgers with fries. We ate in the Scandinavian restaurant and went with the meatballs in tomato sauce served with mashed potatoes. It was very tasteful, the portion was good enough for theme park standards and all that for a good price.

Overall I really liked my visit at the park. I was unfortunate it rained all day but still I had a great day at Energylandia. I wanted to visit it for a while and I’m sure I’ll be back in a few years. The park is only doing its 4th season and you can still notice that the park is not finished yet. There are construction sites on multiple places, when this all will be finished Energylandia’s will be one of the biggest theme parks in Europe. Maybe even the biggest. If they keep investing like this we can expect great things to come, it’s safe to say Energylandia is the pearl of Poland.

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Post Author: Frederik