Coaster World – Steel Vengeance: the ultimate revenge

When Cedar Point announced Steel Vengeance, the RMC conversion of Mean Streak, every coaster enthusiast around the world was super hyped about it. Of course Cedar Point is all about breaking records and Steel Vengeance was said to break some records, but it was also claimed that it would have more airtime than any other coaster in the world… That statement alone made Steel Vengeance the #1 coaster me and my friends were looking forward to! But can Steel Vengeance live up to the hype?!

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Cedar Point wouldn’t be Cedar Point if they wanted to break new records with a new roller coaster. Not only is Steel Vengeance announced as the coaster with the most airtime in the world, it also breaks following records: fastest hybrid coaster, tallest hybrid coaster, steepest drop on a hybrid coaster, longest drop on a hybrid coaster, longest hybrid coaster, most inversions on a hybrid coaster, worlds first hyper hybrid coaster. That’s a long list, but mostly you should take these kinds of records with a grain of salt. Size doesn’t always matter. Am I right ladies?!

The hype is big, very big. Reactions of those who rode it were unanimous extremely positive and many named it their new favorite all-time roller coaster. Despite all the great coasters we would do on our trip like Skyrush, Intimidator 305, and El Toro… Steel Vengeance was the coaster we looked forward to the most. It would be the cherry on the cake, the highlight of our trip. High expectations are dangerous, when you expect so much of a coaster it can only disappoint. Trying to keep our enthusiasm about Steel Vengeance not to rise through the roof was quite impossible. Cedar Point was planned on the last days of our trip so the whole trip the expected awesomeness of Steel Vengeance was in the back of our heads.

No need to describe our thoughts when we saw that Steel Vengeance was closed due to technical problems when we arrived at Cedar Point. While the Cedar Point is seen as a coaster Walhalla and there are many great coasters to be found, I couldn’t manage to keep looking at a closed Steel Vengeance while riding Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Magnum or the Geminis. A personal reason to look even more forward to riding Steel Vengeance was it was going to be my 600th coaster credit! I visited Cedar Point 5 years ago and so only had Steel Vengeance and ValravN (and the mini kiddie coaster Wilderness Run, but oh well…) as new coaster credits. And how beautiful would it be to have Steel Vengeance as #600?!

But somewhere between 12 PM and 12:30 PM when we were on Gemini I noticed an empty train riding on the track of Steel Vengeance. We decided to take the guess and went immediately to its entrance. We had luck we were close and didn’t have to walk far because even while it was closed since the park opened, there was already quite some line in front of the closed queue entrance. We took the right decision to go immediately to Steel Vengeance, because after 5 minutes they opened the queue entrance under a loud applause. Everyone waiting there was super excited to ride this beast. Some friends of me were riding ValravN while I send them a message saying that Steel Vengeance was about to open. They ended up waiting an hour while we only had to wait 20 minutes.

I decided to take the back seat, most of the times that’s the seat you want when you want to experience the best airtime. That first ride on it was great and I stepped out with my mouth open. But… yeah there’s a but… afterwards I could not decide if it was really that much better than Outlaw Run (my all time favorite coaster until now) and Wildfire (from Kolmarden). It clearly delivered on the most airtime promise, but I felt that was more because the coaster is really long. I missed a bit of ejector airtime most RMC’s have, I expected more ejector airtime. There was more than enough of airtime, but somewhere more in between floating and ejector airtime. At least… in the back seat. While this seems very disappointing, it didn’t disappoint me that much. After some thinking I still came to the conclusion my 600th coaster is the best one on my counter. Sometimes you have to realize yourself your expectations were just unrealistic.

The 90° drop was pure awesomeness, just as the out banked turns and the inversions approached perfection. And the ride is so long yet it doesn’t feel like it loses speed, it keeps on raging until it hits the final brakes. The part where you rage under and between the wooden supports is insane and confusing, it makes you lose orientation and I legit didn’t know anymore if I were upside down or not. And even while I complained the airtime wasn’t really that much ejector, I can’t think of any other coaster with more airtime moments.

So read this carefully, this is an important tip: ride Steel Vengeance in the front seat! Front is where the magic happens. Because the first day we were in the park was quite crowded, the queue of Steel Vengeance was around 1,5 – 2 hours whole day long. We wanted to do the rest of the park as well so we only got back for a second ride on Steel Vengeance in the evening, an hour before the park would close. The estimated queue time was about 1,5 hour. I have to say kudos to Cedar Point to keep the queue of Steel Vengeance open until the very closing hour of the park! Even with such a monster queue so late on you could start queuing a minute before the park would close. A lot of parks should take note of this.

For that night ride we decided to go front and oh boy… the experience in the front seat is just night and day! Where the airtime in the back seat is kind of semi-ejector, the airtime in the front is ultra ejector… Never experienced something close to this, more than half of the ride we were not seating in our seat but being pushed against our restraint. The train just tried to push us out in every direction possible with a huge force unseen on any other I’ve ridden. This ride was pure awesomeness, pure joy… Steel Vengeance now is my favorite coaster all time coaster and I don’t see it getting pushed off that place anywhere soon.

First drop

It’s hard to approach perfection, but RMC and Cedar Point reached it so near as no one ever before. Steel Vengeance ends up with a perfect score of 5! Before the conversion, people came to frontier town to ride Maverick. While the queues there were full, the queue of Mean Streak remained almost empty. Now it’s almost the opposite, on our second day Maverick was a walk-on… while Steel Vengeance had a 1,5 hour queue. And Maverick is a topnotch coaster, completely contrary to the old Mean Streak. Cedar Point is seen by many as the best park in the world and now they have the best roller coaster in the world. Congratulations Cedar Point. I can say nothing more about Steel Vengeance than just wow, just wow… Everyone, click this site away and start planning your trip to Sandusky, Ohio. Because Steel Vengeance is the coaster every coaster enthusiast should have ridden once in their life time!



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