What’s in store for 2018

We are one week into the new year so it’s time to look out what 2018 has in store for us! I’ve already talked about what I did in 2017 but now it’s time to look forward and discuss my plans for the coming year. And 2018 promises to be an exciting year!

Seven days far and I haven’t visited a theme park yet. Question is which theme park will I do first. My home park close their doors today for the winter and that makes their aren’t any theme parks open in Belgium until  April. Well unless if you count Plopsa Indoor Hasselt but that park is so small and uninteresting if you haven’t got any children with you that I can’t take it serious.

But there are theme parks not so far away who stay open during the winter. Disneyland Paris for example. It has been three years since I visited the park and I’m feeling the need to go back desperately. So it is very probable I’m heading to Marne-La-Vallée, though I haven’t a date set. Another theme park that’s open year round is the Efteling. I haven’t planned any visits yet but if a friend wants to go I’ll go along. Efteling in the winter is pretty cozy.

The other theme park year round open is Toverland but a winter visit to the Dutch park won’t be an option because they are currently building on their new entrance zone which contains a B&M wing coaster. That will open later in the year so a visit to Toverland will also follow later in the year.

When the season starts and theme parks finally open their doors again, I have some parks I want to visit. Of course I’ll go to most Belgian parks, my home park Plopsaland De Panne and Walibi Belgium are certain, the last one is opening a new Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster which I’m pretty curious for. Slagharen is also pretty certain since I really want to ride Goldrush which was new last year. The same goes for Movie Park Germany with their Star Trek coaster. I’m curious how it will compare against other launch coasters since I’ve heard different (positive and negative) stories about it.

As you can read, there are many ideas to possible visits but nothing is really planned out yet. Except for what will be the trip of the year… In June me and my good friends from Theme Park Freaks (the best site to get your theme park news from if you understand Dutch) will hop into the flyer and go to the United States of America! It will be a 16 days trip visiting  15 parks! It will be insane, if we can do every roller coaster on the trip (that means no coasters closed because of technical problems and doing also the coasters you can’t do alone as an adult) we will be doing 156 roller coasters! That’s almost ten roller coasters each day on average.

For me it won’t be all new coasters and parks. I’ve had the pleasure to do some American theme parks in 2013 and some of that trip I’m doing again this year. Why do you ask? Because it are all five great theme parks and they all have placed one or more new interesting roller coasters. Well, except for Six Flags Saint-Louis but that’s nothing more than a quick stop after Kentucky Kingdom to get some more credits, I already have those but it’s sure nice to do Mr Freeze Reverse Blast again.

This won’t look the same anymore…

Kings Island has build Banshee and Mystic Timbers since 2013, Holiday World has built a B&M launched wing coaster (only the second B&M in the world with a launch), Silver Dollar City is opening a unique new coaster with Time Traveler this year and Cedar Point has build Valravn, converted their stand-up coaster Mantis into a floorless coaster Rougarou and will open the RMC converted Mean Streak, now known as Steel Vengeance. Besides the new coasters it are all parks who I’d love to visit again. Silver Dollar City is one of the most beautiful theme parks I’ve visited. Kings Island and Cedar Point have a crazy catalogue of good coasters and Holiday World can be classified as one of the most client friendly theme parks in the world.

This is our trip schedule:

  • June 8: Arrival in New York, get our rental cars and spend the rest of the day at Six Flags New England
  • June 9: Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce in the afternoon
  • June 10: Six Flags Great Adventure
  • June 11: Hershey Park
  • June 12: Kings Dominion
  • June 13: Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • June 14: Carowinds
  • June 15: Six Flags over Georgia
  • June 16: Dollywood
  • June 17: Kentucky Kingdom, after getting all the credits there driving to Six Flags Saint-Louis and pick up some coasters there too
  • June 18: Silver Dollar City
  • June 19: Holiday World
  • June 20: Kings Island
  • June 21: Cedar Point
  • June 22: Cedar Point
  • June 23: driving to New York to fly back in the evening, if there’s time left we’ll try to do Coney Island to ride the Cyclone


It’s hard to say which park and which roller coaster I’m most excited for to do. I can easily spend a whole article about that, and that’s what you can expect in the coming weeks. After this USA trip I don’t have any plans. It will probably stay with some day trips to theme parks in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, 2018 will be a insane year when it comes to the amount of theme parks and roller coasters I’ll do. That is a certainty when you go on a theme park road trip in the USA!

Post Author: Frederik