Bobbejaanland: how to not run a theme park

We all love theme parks. Some parks are more loved than others, but in the end we all want all theme parks to do good. Sometimes it’s just personal taste which makes the difference. Sometimes, the directors of a theme park make it hard not to hate the park. A park in that situation is Bobbejaanland. The textbook example of how not to run a theme park.

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Diamond Theme Park Awards 2017

Last Thursday, the Diamond Theme Park Awards 2017 were awarded. The Diamond Theme Park Awards are the Oscars for the theme park industry from the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg) and are traditionally awarded each year at the start of the new season. It is organised by the people behind and Parkworld […]

Coaster World: Heidi the ride

In the series of Coaster World, we’ll review a specific roller coaster. For the first article in this series, we’ll start with a brand new roller coaster: Heidi the ride from Plopsaland De Panne.  The 2nd of April 2017 is a date for the Belgian roller coaster history books. Why is that? Because on that date […]

Smoke signals from Phantasialand

It is less than a year ago that Phantasialand gave us a Klugheim, a brand new theme zone containing two new roller coasters. Taron became the new crowd puller of the German theme park and is named one of the best roller coasters on the European continent. But Phantasialand wouldn’t be Phantasialand if they just did nothing. We already knew they had plans for the area were once the simulator Race for Atlantis was located. The simulator was broken down and now the park reopened again, it placed some very interesting signs near the construction site. Enough for the fans to start the rumors!

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Park Charming: Adventureland USA

Of course we all know the big (chain) parks like Six Flags *you name the place*, Cedar Point, Europa Park etc. But are those big parks really the most fun? Theme Park World loves small but charming parks! These parks prove every visit that you don’t need to have record roller coasters to offer their guests a day of fun. In this series of articles named ‘park charming’ we highlight a small but charming park. First park to be highlighted is Iowa’s Adventureland USA!

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5 reasons to dislike virtual reality at theme parks

You can’t ignore virtual reality anymore. It seems like the 3D hype went down, already outdated by the possibilities virtual reality promises to deliver. You can already buy VR glasses in your local electronics store and the technology companies also have brought smartphones who are VR ready, like the Samsung Galaxy S7. There are even VR porn movies! So no surprise the theme park industry is ready to jump on this trend… But is that a good idea?!

I say it’s not. And here are a few reasons why…


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