Last weekend we visited Bobbejaanland, the child of artist Bobbejaan Schoepen who opened the park in 1961 as his new home to perform after years of touring. The park grew to a full size theme park, Bobbejaanland had his glory years in the eighties and nineties when it opened rides like the iconic Looping Star from Schwarzkopf and the still operational Revolution roller coaster. Bobbejaan had to sell the park in 2004 to Parques Reunidos, a Spanish theme park chain group. His legacy still lives on in the park with the park carrying his name and the statue at the front gates.

Since Parques Reunidos bought the park, bad and improvident policy and investments are the main reasons the parks attendance numbers are decreasing. But besides that, the park still has some good stuff to offer. We took some photos, discover the park in our gallery!

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