Kolmarden opened in 1965 as a zoo and became the biggest zoo of Scandinavia. In 2001 the park was bought by Parks & Resorts, a Swedish theme park group that also owns Gröna Lund and Skara Sommerland. Since then, Kolmarden is becoming more than a zoo. 2009 marks the opening of their first roller coaster, a small Zierer. But theme park enthusiasts over the world got to know the park well since April 2014 when Kolmarden announced Wildfire, the first RMC coaster in Europe! Wildfire opened in 2016, got closed down due to licensing problems but re-opened in the summer of 2017.

Kolmarden is mainly a zoo, but a zoo containing one of Europe’s best roller coasters. Maybe the best… Enough reasons for us to visit the park and we took some photos for you to enjoy as well.