Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is located in Kansas City, Missouri and opened in 1973. At the time, the city had numerous modernization projects and Mid-America Enterprises wanted to capitalize on the citywide expansion. The construction on the park started in 1969. Originally the park was planned to feature a hotel and entertaining complex as well but lagging economics during the early opening years made those plans never come to life. In 1982 the park opened Oceans of Fun, a water park next to the water park. At that time, it was the largest water park in the world!

Cedar Fair bought the park in 1995 and immediately invested in Mamba, a hyper coaster from Morgan that opened in 1998. Other memorable roller coasters the park has to offer are Patriot and Prowler. Patriot is a B&M inverted coaster that contains four inversions and offers a very smooth ride. It was opened in 2006, three years later the parked added Prowler which is also the last new roller coaster they’ve received. Prowler is a wooden roller coaster from GCI and won the Golden Ticket Award for best new ride in 2009. It also ended up on the sixth place in the Mitch Hawker’s best roller coaster poll that year. Prowler is considered to be one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world.

Worlds of Fun is a small but cozy park that offers a bunch of good roller coasters. In combination with their awesome water park Oceans of Fun, you just can’t have a bad day in Kansas City!