Theme Park World is just one of many sites about theme parks! As there are a lot of theme parks fans, there are also a lot of sites made by and for them. At our portal here, we listed some of the most interesting stuff out there. Going from other theme park websites to podcasts and YouTube channels.

We are always searching the web for the best resources our readers will find useful or entertaining. If you have a website, podcast, vlog,… yourself and would like to see it listed below, get in touch with us. Note: we only add resources that we find useful and stand out.

Theme Park Insider - language: English - Founded by journalist Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider is one of the biggest theme parks sites on the web. Not only it brings the latest news from theme parks from all over the world, the site also offers in-depth articles and an American park guide.
Themeparkfreaks - language: Dutch - A Belgian site that focuses on news from theme, water and animal parks all around the world. Themeparkfreaks is also a good place if you're looking for park reviews, articles and galleries.
Parkerlebnis - language: German - A German site that brings the latest news from theme and animal parks from all around the world.
Coasterhub - language: English - Founded by some American coaster enthusiasts with the goal to collect all the news from theme parks worldwide. They also organise their own Coasterhub awards, which you can vote on yourself!
Parksmania - language: Italian - The biggest Italian site about theme parks. They bring news from theme parks all over the world. They also have a theme park guide, containing parks from Europe, the USA and even other parts of the world. Every year, they give out their own awards.
Roller coaster database - language: multiple languages available - A huge database containing all roller coasters ever built on the world! If you're searching for a roller coaster, you'll find at RCDB. Every roller coaster has his own fiche with their statistics, photos and a link to some videos, if available. For any information about any roller coaster, this is the site you need.
Coast 2 coasterlanguage: English - With use from RCDB, Coast2coaster pins all roller coasters and alpine coasters on a map. The number one tool in order to plan a theme park road trip!
ThemeParks US - language: English - Theme park guide containing information about all theme parks in the United States of America. They also offer news about the American theme parks.
ThemeParks UK - language: English - Partner of ThemeParks US, as this is theme park guide for the United Kingdom instead of the United States of America.
Rides.nl - language: Dutch - Dutch theme park guide focusing on European theme parks, animal parks, museums and other touristic attractions. They also offer tickets for those parks, sometimes with discounts.
Coaster-count - language: multiple languages available - Probably the most used tool to count coasters. This site lets you list all your coasters you've ridden. They have filters to personalize your counter and you can score rare points for coasters that aren't ridden by much members.
Coaster counter.com - language: English - Also a tool to keep note of your ridden coasters. Though they have less options than coaster-count, they do have their own app.
Theme park review - language: English - Founded by Robb Alvey, TPR became the biggest theme park community on the internet. While most of its members are Americans, TPR attracts coaster enthusiasts from all over the world. They also plan trips which you can join and have a huge amount of videos on their YouTube channel.
Themepark.nl - language: Dutch - Themepark.nl attracts coaster enthusiasts from the Netherlands and Belgium. They have a big forum and also have a coaster count tool at their website. They also plan trips for their members.
American coaster enthusiasts - language: English - Better known as ACE, it's the biggest club of coaster enthusiasts. Even though it's an American coaster club, they also accept members from outside the USA. They do not only organise events for their members, but also put effort in preservation of old roller coasters.
European coaster club - language: English - The biggest European club of coaster enthusiast. While it's UK based, it aims at all European coaster enthusiast and organises theme parks trips mostly in Europe, but they also did trips to the USA in the past.
Parcs passion - language: French - French coaster club, planning trips to mostly European theme parks. They also offer news, photos and videos on their website.
Capte - language: Spanish - Club of Spanish theme park enthusiasts. They meet up in Spanish theme parks.
Park trips - language: Dutch - While not a coaster club, Park trips is a useful community of Belgian and Dutch theme park enthusiasts where any member can plan a event to visit a theme park or other touristic attraction. It's a Facebook group you have to join, but they are welcome to everyone who loves theme parks.
Rollercoaster friends - language: Dutch - Belgian coaster club, though it only serves Dutch speaking Belgians. They plan theme parks trips to European theme parks but also trips outside of Europe for its closest members.
Golden ticket awards - language: English - The Golden ticket awards, organised by Amusement Today, are the Oscars from the theme park industry. The winners are chosen by numerous voters from America and Europe which are chosen carefully to guarantee unbiased results.
Diamond theme park awards - language: multiple languages available - Belgian awards which awards mostly Belgian and Dutch theme parks. They also have some award categories for European parks. Parks are nominated by an expert jury, consisting of theme park sites and persons familiar with the theme park industry. The jury also gets a 50% share in the final voting, the other 50% is decided by public voting.
Amusement today - language: English - Amusement today is the best known theme park magazine. Yearly it prints 14 issues, good for more than 700 pages about theme parks, water parks, business, carnival and safety. They are also organise the golden ticket awards.
Brakesection - language: Dutch - Magazine in Dutch that focuses on articles about European theme parks. They print 5 issues per year, starting in April and printing the last one in December. They also offer some small articles outside of the theme park season on their website.