Coaster World – Yukon Quad

In dit Coaster World artikel belichten we een achtbaan die de meeste lezers waarschijnlijk nog niet gedaan hebben. Yukon Quad opende begin dit jaar zijn deuren in Le Pal, een combo dierentuin-pretpark centraal gelegen in Frankrijk. Toch kan je al ervaring hebben met deze coaster, Le Pal koos voor een gespiegelde versie van Juvelen uit […]

Coaster World – Pégase express

Theme Parks are more than just roller coasters, but it is undoubtedly the roller coasters that attract the most visitors and attention. So in this series we’ll change Theme Park World into Coaster World where we review a specific roller coaster each time. For this article we head to Parc Asterix, located near Paris, who opened […]

Jackpot for Walibi Belgium

Today Walibi Belgium announced their master plan for the future years. We already knew they were going to do that today, we didn’t expect anything special. Maybe a new family roller coaster as a replacement for the Coccinelle kiddy roller coaster or maybe something else on that place. Walibi kept mysterious about what they had […]