Coaster World – Yukon Quad

In dit Coaster World artikel belichten we een achtbaan die de meeste lezers waarschijnlijk nog niet gedaan hebben. Yukon Quad opende begin dit jaar zijn deuren in Le Pal, een combo dierentuin-pretpark centraal gelegen in Frankrijk. Toch kan je al ervaring hebben met deze coaster, Le Pal koos voor een gespiegelde versie van Juvelen uit […]

Bezoek aan het oudste pretpark van Amerika… Lake Compounce

Op onze tweede dag van de trip hadden we toepasselijk twee pretparken gepland. Nadat we rond waren in Six Flags New England zakten we nog af naar het vlakbij gelegen Lake Compounce. Hoofdrenen om niet gewoon de hele dag uit te doen in Six Flags New England was de aanwezigheid van de beruchte Boulder Dash […]

Interview with Cedar Points Tony Clark

The last days of our East Coaster Tour were spend in Cedar Point, coaster Walhalla. I had an amazing time at the Point, staying at the historic Breakers hotel and riding all the eighteen coasters Cedar Point has to offer. I got to ride Steel Vengeance, the newest addition to the park and was blown […]

Ten reasons to visit the UAE!

When thinking about doing a trip to ride roller coasters and visit theme parks, the United States of America is seen as the Walhalla destination. Some will even say Asia, with a booming theme park industry in China and Japan offering some unique theme park experiences. For Americans the European theme parks have an appealing […]

Kute Kennywood

Are you looking for a park that breathes history, upholds his classics and has a lot to offer for the whole family? All these qualities define Kennywood, a small but charming park near Pittsburgh. Kennywood isn’t very big but has a lot to love. Kennywood was a family business for over 100 years since it […]

This was 2017

It’s the last day of 2017 which is a good moment to look back at the past year. What meant 2017 for me as a theme park enthusiast?! Which parks and roller coasters excited us? Which disappointed us? Which new parks did we explore? Let’s look back at what 2017 brought us. 2017 is of […]

Backstage at Powerland

Ever wondered what the backstage of a theme park looks like? Or how they keep their park functioning? Powerland gave us the opportunity to glance at their backstage. We saw the storage rooms of Thunderbird and Junker and we visited their big maintenance hall where defect cars and rides are being repaired. Above we see the transfer […]