Bezoek aan het oudste pretpark van Amerika… Lake Compounce

Op onze tweede dag van de trip hadden we toepasselijk twee pretparken gepland. Nadat we rond waren in Six Flags New England zakten we nog af naar het vlakbij gelegen Lake Compounce. Hoofdrenen om niet gewoon de hele dag uit te doen in Six Flags New England was de aanwezigheid van de beruchte Boulder Dash […]

Coaster World – Boulder Dash

Lake Compounce stond oorspronkelijk niet op de planning van onze East Coaster Tour, ik heb mijn vriend moeten overtuigen om het parkje toch aan te doen. In feite kon Lake Compounce best genegeerd worden ten gunste van grotere parken, ware het niet de aanwezigheid van één specifieke houten achtbaan. Een houten achtbaan die in 2004, […]

Twee halfjes in Six Flags New England

Acht juni was D-day voor mij en mijn vrienden, onze “East Coaster Tour” ging van start! Een heuse roadtrip die ons langs 16 pretparken zal brengen en waar we maar liefst ongeveer 160 achtbanen in petto heeft. Het was al jaren op voorhand gepland, een hele roadtrip plannen is niet iets wat je op 1-2-3 […]

Interview with Cedar Points Tony Clark

The last days of our East Coaster Tour were spend in Cedar Point, coaster Walhalla. I had an amazing time at the Point, staying at the historic Breakers hotel and riding all the eighteen coasters Cedar Point has to offer. I got to ride Steel Vengeance, the newest addition to the park and was blown […]

Coaster World – Steel Vengeance: the ultimate revenge

When Cedar Point announced Steel Vengeance, the RMC conversion of Mean Streak, every coaster enthusiast around the world was super hyped about it. Of course Cedar Point is all about breaking records and Steel Vengeance was said to break some records, but it was also claimed that it would have more airtime than any other […]

Kute Kennywood

Are you looking for a park that breathes history, upholds his classics and has a lot to offer for the whole family? All these qualities define Kennywood, a small but charming park near Pittsburgh. Kennywood isn’t very big but has a lot to love. Kennywood was a family business for over 100 years since it […]

The best & worst places to live as a roller coaster enthusiast: continents

Every roller coaster enthusiast probably has thought at least once that they don’t live in the right place to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. Imagine being a roller coaster enthusiast born in Yakutsk (Siberia, Russia), your home park PKiO imeni Gagarina would only offer two wacky worm roller coasters to you. In that case […]